the reason why now is an important time to adopt Enterprise AI

The number of enterprises implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown exponentially in the last few years—with Gartner showing triple digit growth since 2014. Today, it’s more important than ever for enterprises to adopt an AI strategy. As easy as that may seem, there are many roadblocks enterprises face when trying to implement AI for their business. In this webinar, we will address these issues and empower you to take action on your AI strategy today.

CognitiveScale’s Dr. Joydeep Ghosh, Chief Scientific Officer, and Ganesh Padmanabhan, VP of Marketing, discuss new research and technology breakthroughs in AI, the current talent pool, and other AI highlights for 2019. In this enlightening discussion, we will dive into the hypes and realities of the current AI market and will set the stage for what enterprises can expect and how to make AI work for you in 2019.